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There’s a BIG difference between having social media marketing because “that’s what everybody else is doing”


strategically using powerful tools like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest to achieve your organization’s goals.

Technivista Social Media Marketing produces the best resultsTechnivista Social Media Marketing produces the best resultsTalk about a “divide” between the Haves and the Have Nots — the gap is beyond enormous between organizations regarding the way they do Social Media Marketing.

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Here’s our Top 10 recommendations to “Do Social” well:

1. Understand each of the social platforms so you know how they work, who uses them for what, and where you fit in.

2. Update often. The mantra is “Every day, have something to say.” And of course, make it worthwhile, relevant to your organization and your followers… and preferably clever.

3. Get followers! Who LIKE you! With social being so important these days, your following needs to grow as a direct result of your social media marketing activities. Plus, you want to make sure you’re getting “organic” growth of quality followers.

4. Make it a more conversational than informational. Social media is built for participation and exchange. Your website is your “broadcast” outlet – your social media is for show and tell and questions. When you send out “engaging” messages you’re using the real power of social media marketing.

5. Play each social network differently according to their “cultures.” Twitter tweet content is different from Facebook posts which are different from Pinterest pins – and your entries need to reflect those differences to be effective. So, tailor your messages to the environment.

6. Create and stick to your social media branding standards. Your branding elements and style for social media need to be developed, implemented and consistently used. Social branding standards may or may not entirely sync-up with your general branding identity — sometimes organizations want their social branding to contrast with their usual branding to better target the social media audience they want to attract. Effective branding is simply creating and following a set of guidelines used to present your company’s image in public — and social media is a growing part of your “image package.”. The core of your social media branding standards should identify:

  • The person(s) responsible for profiles and updates.
  • The frequency of updates.
  • The content topics and schedule (e.g., Monday is “Weekend Recap” day.)
  • Target specs: length of content, use/size of images, type of links/referrals, etc.
  • The style and “personality” used for each media.
  • The goals catalog (such as “Likes”, survey responses, marketing campaign targets, retweets, positive comments, etc.)

7. Develop an overall strategy, supporting activities and schedule to augment your “real time” news and reactions. Despite social media being driven by instant reaction and real-time information, the companies that get the best results are those also have scheduled entires/events to strategically connect with their followers.

8. QUICKLY respond to both positive and negative social mentions. Communicated your appreciation for the kind words, and respond to negative comments with positive, public action.

9. Identify, track and analyze the results of your social media marketing. There are many quality metrics used to determine the effectiveness of your social media efforts. It’s important to find and use the ones that best fit for your organization. 

10. Constantly monitor and evaluate the social media world. It’s critical to stay in tune with trends, apps, platforms and networks. Today’s #hashtag is tomorrow’s MySpace. Today’s LinkedIn may be next year’s America Online. Make sure you’re in touch with what’s going where and how it may apply to your organization.

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